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About CheatingMenUncovered...


Katrina Aniston, the founder of CheatingMenUncovered, says:


"I am not a private investigator. I am an intelligent career lady who had the misfortune of falling for someone who seemed to be a wonderful person but did not mention that he was married. Luckily, I took steps to find out what the situation was before getting into a committed relationship with this man, and saved myself from serious heartache and wasted time down the line. I want to use what I learned to help other people. A few simple and discreet checks at the beginning of a relationship can reveal things one should know before becoming seriously involved."


CheatingMenUncovered is pleased to have the opportunity to help people in the early stages of a relationship and hope to extend the services offered over a period of time with a view to meeting more of our clients' needs.


The service is available to both men and women.  Click Here!
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